March 2024 Community Call Recording!

Thanks to those who joined us on Wednesday! In our most recent community call, we covered a few key topics:

  • The DePIN movement, how we fit into the ecosystem, and how we are working on finding the optimal ways to become more well known in this space.
  • Updated positioning around how anybody can become a cloud and Internet service provider and what that means for the project.
  • TF Grid 4 and the road ahead, along with recent technology updates as part of TF Grid 3.13. This includes updates to documentation and our website.
  • Driving grid utilization through a core set of partners.

Please find the full call recording below and note the timestamps in the video description to watch specific sections of the call.

The slides can be found here:

We will be answering leftover questions from the call in a forum post next week.

Please stay tuned for future updates on our News Channel.

Please note the content of this call is for information purposes only and is subject to change as the project evolves. Please also note that TFT is not an investment instrument and should not be seen as such.

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Big thanks to all the team for the hard work.
It was great to have some updates on the project.
Could we possibly commit to have a regular call instead of random dates. I can suggest to have 2 calls a month. One general for 1H and then maybe a second one for a more specific topic. This last one felt a bit rushed at the end and it would be nice for people to ask questions in real time at the end.


Yes, please have a 2 way call.