Main website specs

Hi everyone,

In our movement towards more transparency, here is a a snapshot into our current website proposal that we aim to release to support our grid 3.0 launch and marketing campaign.


  • 6 pages
  • expected developing time 2 days to set-up the website structure and push updated text.
  • +/- 1 week for updated graphics to come to life on the website

What can be expected:

  • Clear overview of where the project is at
  • Clear understanding of the value of our project
  • Clear overview of the technology we built
  • Show partners that are building in ThreeFold (we won’t showcase this in draft as some partners are still to be announced post website launch)

Please have a look here: and share your email in comments for anyone from the team to provide you with contribution rights.

Note: A few edits still needed and some minor pieces of information in ‘How-it-Works’ section still coming up tonight as we aim to wrap up everything before midnight CET.

We will be releasing the website proposal for the peer-to-peer cloud website as well as the overall marketing and comms strategy for the upcoming months in the upcoming days in a view to involve the community in our marketing and communications circle.

It would be amazing to have marketing and communication experts from the community to join us on monthly talks around overall strategy. To do so we are also aiming to add contributors to our circle and make it public in the near future. Anyone interested, please also comment below with your email address and mention that you’d like to become a circle contributor.

Looking forward to seeing your feedback, S


I like it, did some small comments but think is great, fantastic
lets make sure people understand how it works, what is it,
I see that maybe not enough in there.

Also somewhere the why = doing good should stay