Looking for nodes with Ryzen or Xeon(R) W-2145

Hello, i’m looking to rent shared nodes with following CPUs:

AMD Ryzen - 8 core (not thread) and more.
Intel® Xeon® W-2145
edit: (Need DDR4 and AVX-512 instructions)

No other requirements. Thanks for sharing Farm Name/ Node ID.


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I hope that after the payment scheme is changed to reward more nodes that are utilized compared to idle nodes you would be more talkative :slight_smile:


I think most farmers with Xeon processors are going for CPUs with high amount of cores. You’re asking for an old 8 core Xeon. From a farmers point of view the power draw is not much different within the same generation of processors. They often have the same TDP, though having different amount of cores.

Do there is quire a chance that your specific CPU is really not available.
Maybe you could deploy your workload on other cpu generations too? Define minimum specifications and you will get more answers for sure.

i pointed this Xeon model because it has AVX-512 instructions and DDR4 which is what i look for. Unfortunatelly most of the high CRU core count nodes use processors from 10 years ago and are slow or does not have AVX512 or even AVX2. Thats the point.

4024, 4225, 4395, 5172, 5331, and one node on farm 2863. These will be either AMD Ryzen 7 5700G or i7-10700K

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How did you find them?

Those are the big nodes I sold. I used a mix of intel and AMD in them. Mostly AMD I think.