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Hi Guys

I am trying to create a profile manager on https://play.grid.tf/ and it seems to be stuck as you can see on the uploaded image.

Any ideas how to proceed?

// Tommy

Hey Tommy,

Did you already create a twin for this set of mnemonics using the dashboard?

Hey Scott - i guess i already created a twin with ThreeFold Connect App - is that what is blocking the proces? and if are there another way to setup profile manager?:slight_smile:

Ah, okay. So the a twin created in the farming section of the TF Connect app is not directly associated with the mnemonics from the app. It’s derived as a kind of “secondary account”. I thought there was a way to import this to the playground but it doesn’t seem to be working right now.

There are two ways to proceed. The simplest way to get an account setup is to go to our Mastodon deployer and just use the “create account” button. Then you can copy the words provided there into the playground (no need to proceed with the Mastodon deployment.

The other way is to install the Polkadot extension, create an account within it (be sure to save the seed phrase), then activate a twin for that account on the dashboard. If you follow the first path, you can also import the account into the Polkadot extension later to access functions like sending TFT to other TF Chain accounts or bridging them back to your Stellar wallet.

cool thanks - i will do that - if you are a new user to the ThreeFold Univers - which of the options would you then recommend to use? :slight_smile:

I’d say that just depends on whether your goal is to get started as quick as possible or to get to know the tools a bit first.

Probably I’d say use the Mastodon deployer to create your account since it’s the simplest way. If you need to features in the dashboard, you can always set up the Polkadot extension later.

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