Litepaper Threefold v17 (Important) [Closed]


we are looking for comments in relation to the content of this whitepaper, mainly in relation to how the Internet of Internets is being structured.

If you want to actively contribute to this document let us know, we make you an author as well.



Can you share a version that I can edit and track changes? These seem to be images.

i’ve send you over chat

This document is very inspiring.

If I could have access to an editable version I would love to contribute actively.


Could we download the lite paper somewhere so I can read it more easily?

Hi @animalfarm

A straightforward way would be to simply save each page, but this can be a long process.
What you could do is to use this link:, which does the process automatically.

Simply write the URL shown in the browser once the URL has been properly downloaded and then write your email.

This should work, as it did for me.

@kristof please let me know if this is OK to share here. It’s just a quicker way instead of simply downloading each image, but I want to be sure with you and Threefold. If there is any problem, I will remove this message. With your permission, I could also share the PDF of the Litepaper here.

I hope it helps @animalfarm

I must have read this document 4 times. Amazing documentation by Threefold.

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Thank you @Mik, I appreciate it. I managed to download it!

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