Just added a 5TB HDD

Another noob question. Thanks for all the help so far. I have just added a 5TB HDD to my node but how do i know it has been detected. On my dashboard it says HDD reserved 0GB. Does this mean it hasnt seen my extra hard drive?

Thanks again

You can’t see your node specs from the node itself. Find your node on the explorer and it will show you it’s resources.

Got you
Thanks again

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Hi @gazgits I am interesting in doing this could you provide some instructions? Or are they already available

Hi Oscar. Tips on doing what exactly? Glad to help

Hi, adding an extra hdd to my Titan ,

Ooo. I’m not sure you should mess with the titan.

Haha my mistake , I thought he had one , never mind , apologies all

Yes sorry Oscar I don’t have a Titan.