January 2023 Q&A Community Call: Recording!

In January’s Community Call, we mainly focused on addressing questions from the community on initiatives and features which have been previously announced and upcoming features as well. Watch as @weynandkuijpers and @scott take us through topics from GPU to Wake on Lan to Sales Channel to Quantum Safe File System more.

The slides can be found here: https://threefold.docsend.com/view/rpmuyai2y3pwavq7

Since a lot of yesterday’s call was focused on reacting to questions from the community, in a couple of weeks, we’ll host another call to share more proactively current plans and priorities, the opportunities in front of us right now, why the token price will turn around, and most importantly why what we’re building is so important for the future of the planet and humanity.

Please note the content of this call is for information purposes only and is subject to change as the project evolves.


Thanks for sharing!

Here’s a written summary of the call in Q&A format.

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