Issues that need to be resolved before new strategy

We need to make sure these issues are resolved before we roll out any new strategy.

Calculator on the dashboard is still not OK.
• The name Titan needs to be changed to ‘Certified Nodes’;
• At this certified section the option of HDD need to be added, since certifies nodes can have HDD which also generates extra TFT;
• GPU needs to be added to both DYI and certified nodes, and what specs should have what expectations regarding TFT (clock rate? Bandwidth? Threads?);
• And if Grid 4.0 gives less TFT for certified nodes but extra TFT for utilization, the calculator should provide defaults so farmers can estimate their profits (how much TFT for x cpu, x mem and x storage);

Then, and I know I have expressed this several times; TFT can NEVER be locked for utilization. Period.

Another issue that has been addressed to the Belgium team several times; our (old) products are still on the Belgium marketplace. For vendors this marketplace has never been very effective. First of all it cost commission, secondly, the fact it was a Belgium company, providing foreign nodes (Netherlands, USA) with a bank account in Dubai has put of may buyer thinking it was scam.
The current nodes/products in that webshop are not maintained. However, the marketplace is still promoted and has SEO value. So, to stimulate sales and decentralisation, our products should somehow forward (with a clear message) to the vendors webshop.

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Thanks for the feedback. Those issues will be redirected to github.

As far as I understand, TFT is not being considered to be locked anymore, with the changes to v3 and the upcoming v4.

I’ve stopped looking at the TFTs I own. It’s long since gone from being an investment to an overpriced paperweight. I don’t even know why I keep the system connected to the net. Maybe I’m a masochist and believe in lost causes.

I’m still making almost $1000k a month. Maybe we could optimize your setup?

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With a 3Node? My congratulations my friend!
I think with a 3Node it’s like plug&play.
What setup could I done?

If you’re looking for the highest return, you might wanna go for server hardware.
That’s not plug&play though, but you’ll get a lot of help here on the forum or the chat.

With MANY nodes. Not possible with just one

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Or get a pair of those.

I can’t have a ROI on my 3node and you say I must invest more?!!! Well that way it’s not an investiment but a philantropic endevour!

First, it was never advertised as a crypto project, and second, I strongly believe this is all long-term.

Turning nodes off and on just for ROI will be quickly punished, and rightly so if you ask me.

It would be helpful to have some timelines. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a crypto project or not. In this “inovative’” space people might expect couple of things such as: low roi or actually the product makes a difference. In the last 2 years since I started farming apart from the technology side (which I don’t think I completely understand) I can’t really point the improvements. To me even the Titans look a bit useless, all this time having them on and not being used. I have to mention that I have a Titan and it was on for 2 years. What value did the Titan brought to Threefold project?
What should be called long term? A lot of people in this space will say that 2 years is a lot. And than threefold had a lot more years. It’s good to have a long term vision but it also good to have small things ticked along the way.
Could Threefold be blinded by the long term vision and not seeing the present?
Too many examples came to mind: property developers putting nodes in new home, mastodon app when the twitter had issues, my phone, all the AI movement, and so many.