Issue with recently added nodes on TF Explorer?

Is there an issue with displaying recently added nodes on TF Explorer?

I added two nodes 24 hours ago and they have not appeared on

From the console of my nodes, it appears they registered okay. Also, their status is listed as online using the ThreeFold Node Status Bot on Telegram.

The nodes I added are 4217 and 4218.

Hello @techafterhours! I do see that your nodes are online. If you are still facing any trouble please further please contact via our live chats from the website or TF connect app. You can use to check the status of the your node.

Do you think we could get a notice on the explorer to go tot the dashboard? Its been confusing people.

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@FLnelson It is a good idea, will have a chat with the team on this.

Ok, but why do me recently added nodes not appear on

Because after the upgrade we merged both the explorer and the portal together. The will not work by itself.

OK I see my nodes at

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