Issue connecting TF Wallet with TF Dashboard [Closed]

Hello all,

today I wanted to use the TF Dashboard for the first time.

I logged in to it using the 24 words mnemonics (seed phrase) from my ThreeFoldConnect App.

This is my ThreeFoldConnect App:

After login it shows me the following:

As you can see, the twin ID in the Dashboard is different to the one in the ThreefoldConnectApp

Dashboard shows Twin ID 11582
ThreeFoldConnect App shows Twin ID 848

Also in the Dashboard it doesn’t show my existing farm which has 8 nodes, as you can see in the screenshot of my TFConnectApp (above).

Also the amount of TFT shown in the upper right corner is not correct. I have much more TFT in my TFTConnectApp Wallet.

What do I do wrong?

Best regards,

I have same issue and never get this working… so I use now the old dashboard

and I have that issue as well. I reported it to the support team last sunday. Yesterday I received their message that they will work on this. The problem is still existing

Ok, then I do nothing wrong I guess :slight_smile:

If the support team is reading this, could you please give an update here once the issue is fixed?

Thanks a lot :grinning:

I think for now you can follow these steps:

Along with using the old dashboard as @rblode proposed:

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Hello there,

The issue you reported and ticket logged is a bit more specific to a deployment concern with the nextcloud instance and that issue has been labeled a bug for now while it’s being investigated. See ticket here.

In the case of connecting the TFConnect App wallet to the dashboard, you can follow the guidelines that Mik shared in his comment.


Just following up to let you know, I have responded to you over the support chat specifically about the deployments issue. It has been addressed/resolved. Please have a look. :pray:t3:

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