Is there a way to get notified if the node is down? - Closed

for the most part the system is self efficient and runs on its own accord but is there any mechanism to alert farmers when a node is down. I could not find any documentation on this.


For something as quick, you can use the node status TG bot.

Click on this link:

To subscribe a node, write the command /subscribe nodeID. So if your node ID is 100, write: /subscribe 100

To verify the status on the TF Explorer, write: /status 100.

To verify the status through Yggdrasil, write: /ping 100.

Note: The bot should send you alerts when it considers any registered node to be offline.

However, the bot is not an official ThreeFold tool, and we recommend periodically checking the v3 explorer to identify the status of your node. You can do that here:


I rarely use Telegram too many scams on it but wish there was something baked into the wallet app as well. thanks for at least providing an option while not the best I guess it can work for now.

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The mods do a good job of getting rid of the spam posts fast.

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I understand your position.

Well, first the bot is not an official Threefold Tool so it will most likely stay on Telegram for now.

That being said, the status bot is really just a private channel where you interact solely with the bot, so if you want to try it, you can use Telegram only for the TF bot and you will never have to interact with any potential scams or scammers.

If there is a demand by the TF Community for a different bot, I guess we can check the different possibilities. A function on TF Connect App could be possible, linked to the user’s farms, etc.

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Could be wrong, and it is lacking information that would be useful, but I just converted one of my old farms to V3 in the app and made an ISO with that old farm ID for a couple rigs I was spinning up this week, and when I hit a little expand arrow on the bottom of the farm in the app, it shows me the node numbers online. And if we have that, expanded and much more useful monitoring, alerting, and such seem like they shouldn’t be too hard to add. I could have just imagines it all too.

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