Is it possible to stake vested TFT to a validator?

Quick Recap: What is vesting?

Vesting is a voluntary mechanism that was introduced by ThreeFold in march 2021. It allows any token holder to lock their TFT in a vesting pool on a voluntary basis.

TFT gradually unlocks from the vesting pool over a period of 48 months and if there is an acceleration in the market price of the TFT.

Vesting was a vote of confidence from the community that allowed us to reduce the supply of TFT, allowing for a healthy token economy.

More about vesting here.

Can we use vested TFT for validator staking?

As described in the section above, vested TFT are locked in the vesting pool under the consensus mechanism. In that sense, the vested TFT can’t be taken out from the vesting pool as long as price conditions for unlocking aren’t met.

Running a validator requires a stake (deposit) of TFT. Therefore, while vested TFT cannot be used today they could still be staked in the future as they unlock monthly or according to a higher price of TFT.

As of today, only 50 L0 and 50 L2 validators are available, but there will be more in the future. Given the validator price in TFT won’t change, people having vested TFT could stake these TFT to a validator or a staking pool in the future for the same validator L0 & L2 prices (measured in TFT not in $)

An opportunity for all of us

We are very grateful that our community decided to vest more than 45% of the total TFT count, see token distribution. When the price of TFT will go up, the unlocking of vested TFT will accelerate, so this provides us as a community a strong incentive to advocate about ThreeFold to our respective networks today and accelerate what we know is inevitable.

With our Beta mainnet coming up soon, incredible partnerships, communities starting across regions and even country deals, the future is bright for the ThreeFold community.

Together we rise!

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