Internal roadmap A6/A7/A8

for sake of ultimate transparency, we are using a document to high level discuss roadmap see further (there will be more changes)

internal high level roadmap


  • Dedicated nodes
    • List in admin panel (reserve, unreserve, see prices) : devnet Tuesday
    • See capacity per node, see if pub ip address is possible
  • Pricing updates
    • done?
  • Rest API
    • documented?
  • GetTFT
  • TFConnect 3.5.0
  • Cosmos

A6 (mid June on Testnet)

  • Bugfixes
  • Deployment add ons…
    • OwnCloud (centralized deployment tool for farmer, will be done first with greenedge) thabet
    • (install < 10 min) -> let kristof check maxime
    • Presearch (documentation) thabet
    • Uhuru (install script terraform?) jimber
  • TFConnect 3.5.0 (jimber)
    • Mattermost, Gitea, Discourse seamless registration/login
    • KYC/AML checks & documentation
    • Should be there already
  • TFHUB with staking (rob/thabet)
    • Minimal DAO (not for TFGrid DAO)
    • Needs to be super easy for someone to install
    • Will be part of TFConnect
  • TFChain Minimal DAO (rob/dylan)
  • ThreeFold Home
    • Is to have your own dedicated node on which you can install
      • Presearch
      • Uhuru (more than 1)
      • TFHUB
    • Kristof to define
    • Needs change on TFChain - people can put their own node as dedicated
    • Might be rebranded to the Uhuru idea
  • Blocking Issues
    • Terraform not reliable enough in relation to timeouts (see MMW) (thabet)
    • Community member showed how farming can be faked (solution being created)
    • We can’t just delete workloads -> pause/resume (azmy/dylan)
    • Planetary Network: we make 4 good publ ip addr,
      we document, and make sure used everywhere (operations)
    • Visibility report farming, please add to documentation
  • Known issues
    • QSFS not enough tested yet
  • Blocking Issues (make known issues, make sure is on release notes)
    • Minting details
    • Unvesting (1 week + jimber work)



    • Requires twin + changes to RMB
    • RMB = gossiping protocol
    • Rust client for chosen blockchains (ETH, COSMOS, STELLAR,?)
  • RMB upgrade
    • Support new TFConnect and use same encryption scheme
    • Easy to integrate in website, examples, …
    • Have RMB in Rust
  • TFConnect upgrade with additional improvements
    • RMB integration (seamless through proxy) -> DELAY
  • GPU first version (only for dedicated nodes) -> DELAY
    • In first version, not billing, no farming (just part of dedicated node)
  • Minting
    • Needs to be done on the sidechain directly (TFChain Substrate), no need for stellar address.
    • Farming DAO for TFChain (voting in line with size of farm)
  • Support for Token Model (specs see here) = WE NEED TO DISCUSS
    • WE DO NEED FEEDBACK from crypto community (investors)
  • Support switch to Cosmos
    • Everyone needs to understand TFChain = sidechain, TFCosmosChain = TFHub 3.0

the source is HERE