Integrations between the Digital Twin with the XRPL EVM sidechain

Hello there TF community.

I would like to know a bit more about the Digital Twin, where I can find detailed docs on it and, most importantly, whether it is possible to use the technology cross-chain, i.e. with a dApp built on the newly deployed XRPL EVM sidechain.

The base idea (without giving too much away before development starts) is to automate user data storage within their Twin for safekeeping and to link payments/settlements in XRP to it.

I don’t have any dev knowledge or experience, so I won’t try to get too technical about the topic, but I would like to get my hands on some resources to research further what is (and isn’t) possible at this stage.

Thanks in advance and wishing everyone a merry Xmas

Please check this forum article for some details - How ThreeFold can help any Blockchain protocol, and any dApp achieve more IT decentralization

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Thank you, will go through it and provide feedback if I have any other questions

Hey @EnzoCrypto! Also, I would like to add some more relevant information to Ashish’s answer. Please check here. Thank you.

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Appreciate it! Thank you very much! While we’re on the topic, I noticed that the FreeFlow links to GitHub give a 404 error here

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Hey @EnzoCrypto! Thanks for reporting the issue. Will be fixed soon.

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Hi @EnzoCrypto,

Just wanted to follow up with some additional information. Currently, our Digital Twin is a proof of concept suite of open source tools that can be hosted on the ThreeFold Grid. You can test it at A “twin” is also an entity on our TF Chain. These concepts should be linked at some point in the future, but they are currently separate.

For storage, the Twin has a nice front end for browsing, viewing, and even editing files. In the demo, this has been regular on disk storage. Later, this will be based on our Quantum Safe Storage.

Ultimately, all capabilities the Twin has are a subset of what the Grid and TF Chain are capable of. All deployments on the Grid are registered on TF Chain, but none of the data stored inside them is represented in any way on chain.

So cross chain might not be the right way to think about what the Grid can offer. Rather, the Grid provides a way to compute and store data off chain, in a way that’s deterministic and could potentially be linked somehow to on chain data on the chain of your choosing. For example, hashes of the data could be stored in the EVM chain and linked to transactions or used to verify later that the same data is present.

The main advantage to using the Grid here is that the user maintains full control of their data (assuming the workload storing that data is deployed from their own TF Chain wallet). There’s still the trick of making this a useful accessory for a dApp :slight_smile:


Thank you for the detailed answer @scott! I will definitely have a deeper look into the demo version and it is indeed an interesting piece of tech that will help everyone going forward. Appreciate the resources and insights a lot!

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hi enzo, we’re correcting the link on the correct one is
thank you for reporting


Anytime! Now we have something new to do: read through the docs :grin:

Hi there! I went through the docs (finally) and took quite some time to make notes (for myself and the TF team) the latter of which I sent to you on DM @sashaastiadi [apologies for the long text! Suggest to read the second message explaining where it comes from - it will be quicker to consume]

But the docs have left me with some questions:

// Is the CHI marketplace online? If so, does this mean the FreeFlow Twin is online and in use? (I would like to get one!)
// The FreeFlow Nodes: are they available for sale? Where can I find them and what would the shipping costs to South Africa be? (would like to get a Silver and hop onto contributing as a CHI Farmer)
// The other applications mentioned (chat/messaging, video conference, etc) where can one find these tools? (if it’s online, it’s not exactly easy to navigate to via the main web page)

Curious to know more.