Initial Quick Information



Where / When

  • on beautiful remote island of Anafi in Greece
  • 4-11 or 18-25 June 2022
  • you can come 3-4 days or full week or longer
  • its a not for profit event


  • meet a change making community with as purpose give birth to a new digital backbone for the world.
  • have a lot of fun while doing so
  • co-create this event
  • we are focussed on 3 main areas
    • a new internet = new digital global backbone
    • education
    • climate change
  • this new system removes the need for interest, marketing, intermediaries and lockin. This will lead to more equality and regenerative wealth for everyone involved.
  • our aim is together manifest a solution in answer to
  • meet many projects which are all together making this digital backbone possible
  • this happens by means of The Source Code Incubator Concept, see presentation here


  • fully decentralized
  • as a DAO = Decentralized Aware Organization
  • we all together make this event possible
  • structured as not for profit
  • please fill in the poll to get started

More Info

See POLL to measure interest , IMPORTANT

See video:

This is a Collaborative Event

This event can only be done because enough people want it to happen and are willing to make it happen, budget or time wise, any contribution is more than welcome.