In May I didn't receive Aprils rewards for not all my farms, 1 missing [Closed]


I checked today to see if my rewards all came in. I was excited to see, because this was the first full month I have a HP 580 running with 4x 15 core cpu, 1TB ram and about 15TB ssd. But to be disappointed to see that I didn’t receive any rewards for that server. Why didn’t I get any rewards for just that one, while the rest I did receive? Is there a limit of how many servers you can run from home?



Same here, one server payout missing…

@TFFarmer & @jefke1 please contact us via our live chats from our website, dashboard, forum, or the TF Connect app with your node ids and stellar wallet address we will look into it from there and get back to you at the earliest.

Still haven’t got my full April payout. I did chat with a TF team member but it seems like they haven’t solved my problem.

Hey @stanikzai, we have made some progress on the issue and have a better understanding of the root cause for a majority of nodes. I’m not able to say more than that right now, but we should have an update for the farmers soon.

No news on the subject?

Hey @TFFarmer! The team is working on the solution, and we advise the course of action will be to provide missing rewards to farmers if and where appropriate.