How To: Deploying on Grid Using A Threefold Connect Wallet

Deploying on The Grid Using the Threefold Connect Wallet

Note: This Tutorial is a combination of my work, the work of @mik, and resources pulled from the official documentation.

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The easiest way to fund your deployments on the grid is by using a Threefold Connect Wallet.

It is available for Android and iOS.

  • Note that for Android phones, you need at minimum Android Nougat, the 8.0 software version.
  • Note that for iOS phones, you need at minimum iOS 14.5. It will be soon available to iOS 13.
Threefold Connect Installation

Either use the links above, or search for the Threefold Connect App on the Apple Store or the Google Play store. Then install and open the app. If you want to leave a 5 star review of the App, no one here will stop you!

When you try to open the App, if you get an error message such as : “Error in initialization in Flagsmith…”, you might need to upgrade your phone to a newer software version (8.0 for Android and 13 for iOS).

Once you are in the application, you will see some introduction pages to help you familiarize with the TF Connect App. You will also be asked to read and accept Threefold’s Terms and conditions.

You will then be asked to either SIGN UP or RECOVER ACCOUNT. For now, we will show how to sign up. Later in the guide, we will show you how to recover an account.

You will then be asked to choose a Threefold Connect Id. This ID will be used, as well as the seed phrase, when you want to recover an account. Choose wisely. And do not forget it! Here we will use TFExample, as an example.

Next, you need to add a valid email address. This will be used as a broad KYC. You will need to access your email and confirm the validation email from Threefold to use properly the TF Connect App Wallet.

Then, the next step is crucial! Make sure no one is around looking at your screen. You will be shown your seed phrase. Keep this in a secure and offline place. You will need the 3bot ID and the seed phrase to recover your account. This seed phrase is of utmost important. Do not lose it nor give it to anyone.

Once you’ve hit Next, you will be asked to write down 3 random words of your seed phrase. This is a necessary step to ensure you have taken the time to write down your seed phrase.

Then, you’ll be asked to confirm your TF 3bot name and the associated email.

Finally, you will be asked to choose a 4-digit pin. This will be needed to use the Threefold Connect App. If you ever forget this 4-digit pin, you will need to recover your account from your 3bot name and your seed phrase. You will need to confirm the new pin in the next step.

That’s it! You’ve created your Threefold Connect account. You can press the hamburger menu on the top left to explore the Threefold Connect App.

In the next step, we will create a Threefold Connect Wallet. You’ll see, it’s very simple!

Verify your identity (KYC) by email

Once you’ve created your account, an email will be sent to the email address you’ve chosen in the account creation process.

To verify your email, go on your email account and open the email sent by with the subject Verify your email address.

In this email, click on the link Verify my email address. This will lead you to a link. The process should be automatic. Once this is done, you will receive a confirmation on screen, as well as on your phone.

If for some reason, you did not receive the verification email, simply click on Verify and another email will be sent.

Change email associated with TF account

If you want to change your email, simply click on the pencil next to your email and write another email. You will need to redo the KYC verification process.

Create a Wallet

To create a wallet, click on the Threefold Connect App menu. This is what you see. Choose Wallet.

Once you are in the section Wallet, click on Create Initial Wallet. If it doesn’t work the first time, retry some more. If you have trouble creating a wallet, make sure your connection is reliable. You can try a couple of minutes later if it still doesn’t work. With a reliable connection, there shouldn’t be any problem. Contact TF Support if problems persist.

This is what you see when the TF Grid is initializing your wallet.

Once your wallet is initialized, you will see No blanace found for this wallet. You can click on this button to enter the wallet.

Once inside your wallet, this is what you see.

We will now see where the Stellar and the TF Chain Addresses and Secrets are to be found. We will also changing the wallet name. To do so, click on the circled i at the bottom right of the screen.

You can choose the name you want for your wallet. Here we use TFWalletExample. Note that you can also use alphanumeric characters.

At the top of the section Wallet, we can see that the name has changed.

Now, if you want to copy your Stellar Address, simply click on the button presented with the green circle. To access the TF Chain address, click on the button presented with the red circle. When your phone has copied the address, the TF App will give show a confirmation message as shown below.

In some situations, you will want to access the Stellar and TF Chain secrets. To do so, simply click on the “eye” button of the desired chain, and then copy the secret.

Add your Threefold Connect Wallet to The Polkadot-Js Extension

Open the Polkadot-js extension in Google Chrome by clicking on the puzzle icon in the top right corner of the browser and selecting “polkadot-js”.

  • 1.) In the extension, click on the “+” tab and then select “Import Account From Existing Seed Phrase”
  • 2.) Select “Allow use on any chain” from the list of supported chains.
  • 3.) Enter your Stellar mnemonic phrase in the field provided.
  • 4.) Click on the “Next” button to import your Stellar account into the Polkadot-js extension.
  • 5.) Once the import is complete, you will see your imported Stellar account listed under the “Accounts” tab.
  • 6.)To use the imported account for interacting with the Polkadot network, make sure to set it as the active account by clicking on the “eye” button next to the account.

Note: Importing an existing Stellar account into the Polkadot-js extension will not affect the account’s balance or transaction history on the Stellar network. It will only allow you to use that account to interact with the Polkadot network.

Buy TFT with Your Threefold Connect Wallet and LOBSTR

Threefold Guide: How to Buy TFT on Lobstr

The Threefold token (TFT) is the utility token of the The Threefold Grid, a decentralized and open-source project offering network, compute and storage capacity.

Threefold Tokens (TFT) are created (minted) by the ThreeFold Blockchain (TFChain) only when new Internet capacity is added to the ThreeFold Grid by farmers. For this reason, TFT is a pure utility token as minting is solely the result of farming on the Threefold Grid.

There are many ways to buy TFT:

For the current guide, we will show how to buy TFT on the Lobstr app.
The process is simple.

Download the App and Create an Account

Go on and download the Lobstr app.
You can download it for Android or iOS.

We will show here the steps for Android, but it is very similar with iOS.
Once you’ve clicked on the Android button, you can click install on the Google Store page:

Once the app is downloaded, open it:

On the Lobstr app, click on Create Account:

You will then need to enter your email address:

Then, choose a safe password for your account:

Once this is done, you will need to verify your email.

Click on Verify Email and then go check your email inbox.

Simply click on Verify Email on the email you’ve received.

Once your email is verified, you can sign in to your Lobstr account:

Connect Your TF Connect App Wallet

You will then need to either create a new wallet or connect an existing wallet.

Since we are working on the Threefold ecosystem, it is very easy and practical to simply connect your Threefold Connect app wallet. You can also create a new wallet.

Using the TF Connect wallet is very useful and quick. When you buy XLM and swap XLM tokens for TFTs, they will be directly available on your TF Connect app wallet.

To connect your TF Connect app wallet, you will need to find your Stellar address and chain secret key.
This is very simple to do.

Click on I have a public or secret key.

As you can see on this next picture, you need the Stellar address and secret key to properly connect your TF Connect app wallet to Lobstr:

To find your Stellar address and secret key, go on the TF Connect app and select the Wallet section:

At the top of the section, click on the copy button to copy your Stellar Address:

Now, we will find the Stellar secret key.
At the botton of the section, click on the encircled i button:

Then, click on the eye button to reveal your secret key:

You can now simply click on the copy button on the right:

That’s it! You’ve now connected your TF Connect app wallet to your Lobstr account.

Buy XLM with Fiat Currency

Now, all we need to do, is buy XLM and then swap it for TFT.
It will be directly available in your TF Connect App wallet.

On the Lobstr app, click on the top right menu button:

Then, click on Buy Crypto:

By default, the crypto selected is XLM. This is alright for us as we will quickly swap the XLM for TFT.

On the Buy Crypto page, you can choose the type of Fiat currency you want.
By default it is in USD. To select some othe fiat currency, you can click on ALL and see the available fiat currencies:

You can search or select the current you want for the transfer:

You will then need to decide how much XLM you want to buy. Note that there can be a minimum amount.
Once you chose the desired amount, click on Continue.

Lobstr will then ask you to proceed to a payment method. In this case, it is Moonpay.
Note that in some cases, your credit card won’t accept Moonpay payments. You will simply need to confirm with them that you agree with transacting with Moonpay. This can be done by phone. Check with your bank and credit card company if this applies.

Once you’ve set up your Moonpay payment method, you will need to process and confirm the transaction:

You will then see a processing window.
This process is usually fast. Within a few minutes, you should receive your XLM.

Once you’ve received your XLM, you will receive a notification:

When your transaction is complete, you will see this message:

On the Trade History page, you can choose to download the csv file version of your transaction:

That’s it! You’ve bought XLM on Lobstr and Moonpay.

Swap XLM for TFT

Now we want to swap the XLM tokens for the Threefold tokens (TFT).
This is even easier than the previous steps.

Go to the Lobstr Home menu and select Swap:

On the Swap page, write “tft” and select the Threefold token:

Select the amount of XLM you want to swap. It is recommended to keep at least 1 XLM in your wallet for transaction fees.

Within a few seconds, you will receive a confirmation that your swap is completed:
Note that the TFT is directly sent on your TF Connect app wallet.

That’s it. You’ve swapped XLM for TFT.

You can now use your TFT to deploy workloads on the Threefold Grid.

Note that it is possible to do these steps without connecting the Lobstr wallet to the TF Connect App wallet. But doing this has a clear advantage: when we buy and swap on Lobstr, the TFT is directly accessible on the TF Connect app wallet.

Sending Your Stellar TFT to TFChain to be used for Deployment
Adding Funds to Deploy on the Playground

Click the gear in the top right corner of your playground and enter your password to login into your profile

You will scan this QR in the Wallet section of your Threefold Connect App

In threefold Connect Navigate to your wallet

Once you have authenticated you will click the send tokens button and then the scan QR button at the top of the page.

Adding Funds to Deploy With Terraform

Navigate to the Dashboard

Select the account you wish to deploy with, then click swap

then click deposit

You will scan the QR code displayed on your dashboard from your Threefold Connect App after going to the wallet section

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