How to Deploy Peertube on the Threefold Grid Today

Peertube On the Threefold Grid

       There are two options for deploying peer tube on the Playground, you can deploy using the one click applet and get a subdomain of a gateway node or you can setup your server using the Ubuntu 20.04 image deployable on the Playground for a much more customizable experience. I have prepared documentation on doing this. read all of this post before you deploy any resources, you’ve been warned its not fun deleting half your deployments that were done before you read a requirement.

For Peertube you will want to deploy the 20.04 image with appropriate resources for the size of the server you intend to host,

  • you can find a break down of what cpu and ram needs are expected here

  • This should be deployed with both public ipv4 & public ipv6, planetary is optional but usable for encrypted communication to the server.

Your Peertube server will require access to a smtp server there is a couple options for this, any way you accomplish this is acceptable but it is possible to host these resources on the grid.

  • you can host a smtp relay server on the grid by deploying the 20.04 image and following this tutorial

  • you can host a full fledged smtp server on the grid by deploying the 20.04 cloud image and following this tutorial, due to some isps blocking port 25, and the needed reliability I suggest running your smtp server on a reliable gateway farm like those of the foundation, greenedge and dany sing. these can often be identified by their gateway domain addresses on the Threefold Grid Explorer

you need to configure the DNS records for your Peertube deployment before you install Peertube on the server and follow the tutorial as they have to be properly configured to acquire your ssl certs. you will need A, AAAA, NS, and C Name records for your site. I use Go daddy for my records they should be configured the same way a threefold gateway address is configured, i cover that in this video,

how they relate to the deployments


Once you have your have your Ubuntu 20.04 booted you will want to run

       apt update -y  

	   apt upgrade -y  

	   apt install unzip -y 

There is currently an incompatible ubuntu update, that may or may not be resolved by the time you do this, if you experience a warning about a failed grub installation tell it not to retry, and to continue without installing grub and the issue will not return in further updates. this is documented here, this issue is resolved by not skipping the step of running update & upgrade and handling the warning at the beginning of each deployment. it will break the install scripts in the tutorials if you do not update and upgrade first.

once you have a fully updated vm, restart your vm with

         shutdown -r now  

You will now be able to follow the Dependencies Guide

followed by the Any Os Guide

if you need more help, Checkout my Playground Deployment Manual


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