How to convert a Standalone Farm to join an Existing Farm?


In preparation for the potential for power-saving using Farms, I would appreciate some assistance (step by step) on how to move separate Nodes with their own unique Farm IDs into one Farm.

When i set them up originally, I was not familiar with joining nodes to existing Farms, hence the separate Farm IDs.
I have been an early adaptor and so don’t want to lose any incentives.

Is there a step by step on how to convert an existing Nodes to join an existing Farm? I know Scott said the new power-saving option will only work if you have a Nodes within Farms, so I would like to change a couple of mine to use a single farm, but I believe the Node Ids will change.

Again, i don’t want to lose any early adaptor advantage, so please inform me if i will lose any incentives by flattening these nodes to re-join a farm.

It’s been a while since i last tinkered with the nodes, so any help would be appreciated on how to achieve this.


It’s good to be prepared early, so you’re ready when the power saving mechanism goes online.

You won’t loose anything by switching farm ID and node ID, cause the entry price didn’t change.

So the fastest way would be to update (reflash) your USB boot stick from the nodes with the farm ID you wanna move to. Then wipe the disks of the node to move and boot.
They’ll get a new nodeID and work in the other farm.

You can actually boot an existing node with boot media created for a different farm id. The node will update itself on chain.

So, it’s as simple as choosing one farm id and switching the boot media to all match.