How to access newly deployed VM using Windows

Hello, Friends.

I’ve created a virtual machine in but don’t know how to access it. I’m running Windows. I also tried using putty to upload ssh keys but was unsuccessful.

Are there any detailed instructions for authenticating to a Linux VM in Threefold by using Windows cli or putty?

Thank you for your assistance.

Do you have the planetary network client installed?

ThreeFold Network Connector, yes, installed I did use putty WinSCP and mobaxterm insert ssh privatekey, still not working…

would it be possible for you to post a screenshot of your ssh connections attempts?

I just filmed a tutorial on this, but can’t edit until tomorrow. Stat tuned.

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see below5 4 3 2 16

For starters, login as “root”

I’m not sure what the root password is. It should log in without requesting credentials. SSH is already configured and installed on the client machine.

This is without an attached disk, I can’t get VM to work with an attached disk either.

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