Hosted Farming FaaS (farming as a Service)

One of the main pilars of the decentralized network is decentralized ownership of the nodes.

At Blockheating we’re committed to decentralizing datacenters (Edge datacenters) on locations where we can re-use the heat.

Oud first DC next to a greenhouse will be opened soon and we want to offer the opportunity of decentralized ownership. Instead of HP of Dell hardware we run on open compute hardware.

We offer 2 different types of nodes

  • Compute: 48 vCores, 384gb of memory and 1.1 TB of SSD (around 10k TFT/month)(normally €249/month, now 12 months for € 2100,-)
  • storage: 48 vCores, 384gb of memory and 72x 18tb HDD (around 80k TFT/month)(normally €3729/month, now 6 months for € 20.000 or 12 months for € 35.000,-)

All connected on a 10G backbone, All we need from you is a farmID

Kind regards,

CEO Blockheating

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Hi @jeroenburjs.
That is an interesting proposal, but what channels should be used to reach out to this service?


Sending an email like you did works great, will get back to SLA and setup time later today.

Kind regards

Ps. If you live outside the EU there is no VAT