Gpu support in 3nodes [Resolved]

Note: TFGrid now supports GPU. Read more here:

Hey Guys

A while back there were some talk about gpu support. Any progress in that matter?

// Tommy


Hi Tommy,

The developers did the initial work for GPU support a while ago, but further work is on hold for now, pending assignment for a future release.


I’m curious what the main difficulty with GPU support is. Golem for example announced GPU support years ago and unfortunately it hasn’t happened yet. Akash is apparently waiting for Kubernetes support for GPUs to get better before they implement it.

Work on GPU support has continued. These are the features of the current suggestion:

  • GPUs are only available on dedicated nodes
  • No proof of capacity rewards for farmers with GPU
  • Farmers set their own pricing for GPU, and a portion of TFT spent on GPU reservation goes to the farmer


One use case at my current workplace is transcription of videos to text. We are playing with the open source project Whisper ( ) which works pretty good. The system really gets fast when using NVIDA CUDA cards.

Unfortunately my current workplace needs to be GDPR compliant and we need to use Google and Microsoft at the moment. So that may give some trouble in this use case.

So if others also have this need and if people easy could get transcriptions files using the ThreeFold GPU’s or CPU and not need to be GDPR compliant it could be a win.

As i understand the ThreeFold Grid is not defined as GDPR compliant?

Maybe an idea for a widget :slight_smile:

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The TF FAQ Bot is delighted to read this. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the information Scott!

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I think GPU implementation could be a major improvement for the usecase of Threefold. Anyone ever use Fluidstack? The rates they charge for a RTX3080/90 server are astronomical and they claim to be the cheapest. A RTX3080 costs $0.60/hr and and a 3090 $0.80/hr. That’s over $14 per day. If there is really a demand for GPU processing power and we offer it at a competitive price this could bring a major boost to the demand/price of TFT which is needed.

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If Google and Microsoft are considered to be more protective of user data and privacy, than I think we are doing something wrong. The way I see the ThreeFold project we should have a competitive advantage in this regard. Don’t we?

That’s an important question to answer. If we we’re not going to be GDPR compliant, how will we ever attract business customers within Europe? Maybe that’s a topic for a different thread though.

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Indeed, there was some discussion around GDPR compliance in this topic. Personally I don’t think the Grid will ever be GDPR compliant, per se. The reason is that GDPR requires contract obligations that can never be enforced through software alone. For example, the “right to be forgotten” can only be upheld while the system the data is stored on is online. If the farmer disconnects a node storing your data, there’s nothing the Grid can do to ensure you are forgotten.

On the other hand, farmers could provide GDPR compliance for their farm, separate from the mechanics of the Grid. Actually, it’s possible that a GDPR compliance contract could be codified on TF Chain, but I don’t know if that’s legally sufficient at this point in time.

Anyway, I do think a new thread dedicated to the subject would be appropriate for further discussion of GDPR and how farmers could go about providing this.