GEP for 3.11 on Mainnet [Closed]

Dear friends,

After successful testing of TF Grid 3.11 on testnet, we are ready to start the release process of this version of the Grid on Mainnet.

For this to pass, we would need the farmers to vote before Monday September 11th at 10AM CEST on the dashboard under ‘DAO’.

Here’s what’s new and improved on TF Grid 3.11:

Dedicated nodes extra fee

For supporting GPU on the grid (threefoldtech/home#1392) we are adding an option for a farmer to set an extra fee for his nodes that have a GPU or other special features enabled. This fee will be added to the price of the capacity price. The full fee will be paid to the farmer.

By setting a price on a node, this node becomes dedicated and can only be rented by creating a RentContract on that node. This means that when a farmer sets an extra price on a node, this node cannot be shared anymore.

Added a new storage map DedicatedNodesExtraFee on pallet-smart-contract which can be set by the owner of that node (the farmer) by calling set_dedicated_node_extra_fee . The input of this call is node_id and fee which is expressed in mUSD (USD * 1000). This fee is expressed in a fee per month.

We also changed the ContractLock storage to include a new field extra_amount_locked which is the total fee that is locked by this contract.


The main focus of 3.11 is the GPU support. This is now available across the dashboard, playground, grid statistics, and the explorer.


Note: we have decided to remove the GPU data from the chain itself, and indexing it in the gridproxy. Storing more information on the chain is not needed so this will minimize data on the chain.


GPU has a first-class support now in terraform and typescript-sdk and go-sdk, and grid-cli.

Local Wallet

We have unified the Polkadot extension support in the dashboard with the same flow in the playground (as a step to having our own browser extension). Your data is encrypted and will never leave your browser.

Specifying custom domains for your solutions in the playground

We listened carefully to your feedback regarding this and allowed our users to specify their own domains in the playground. This is now available in the playground as well as in the dashboard. You can however keep using gateway records with ease!

Capacity planning in the playground

We added more options in the playground to choose certified, dedicated, or GPU filters.

Grace period notifications

You will receive notifications in case any of your contracts get in a grace period. This will help make sure you don’t lose your workloads by accident if your wallet ever runs out of tokens.

Minting receipts improvements

You can now view all the receipts in the minting receipts PDF export. In the past only the previous 8 were included. We also included extra information in the PDF.

Debian 12 support in the official images

There was a great contribution from Mik to support Debian 12, please feel free to check it out.

Mik has also written a wonderful case study on how it got built.

Support transferring TFT to another twin by ID

We added the support to transfer tokens by specifying the twin ID along with the option of specifying the address.

Once again we would like to remind you to please vote on the dashboard so we can start the release process. Thank you for your patience and support.

Thank you as well to the development teams for their continuous effort and hard work!

On behalf of the ThreeFold Team


3.11 is already on mainnet