GEP Farming Start Price April 2022 (CLOSED)

Welcome to the latest Grid Enhancement Proposal (GEP).

Since Grid V3 went live in January the TFT price of 0.08USD has been used to define the amount of TFT minted for the next 60 months. This price was set by the Grid Council back then for Q1 2022 as there was not enough liquidity to use an oracle to define the price.

As we are at the end of Q1 the farming start price for April needs to be set.

The Grid Council proposes to continue for the month of April with a farming start price of 0.08USD.

For the months following, new GEPs will be issued.

Please vote here until latest April 1st 10.00PM GMT.

Thank you!
The ThreeFold Team

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Thank you all for voting on this GEP.
89% percent voted for a farming start price of 0.08USD for April.
This price will now be used for the month of April.
For the coming month new GEPs will be launched.


Hey @sabrinasadik and @andreaspow,

will there be a vote for farming start price for May 2022? Does the grid council allready proposed anything? Would be great to get some information on that.


Hi Dany. Post is created by a member of the community. Voting can be done here: GEP Farming Start Price May 2022

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