GEP farmerbot changes in minting [Closed]

Dear farmers,

As most of you know, we have implemented the farmerbot feature a couple of months ago.

The farmerbot is a service that a farmer can run in order to automatically manage the nodes in their farm. The key feature of the Farmerbot is powermanagement. The Farmerbot wil automatically shutdown nodes from its farm whenever possible and bring them back up using Wake-on-Lan (WOL) when they are needed. It will try to maximize downtime as much as possible by recommending which nodes to use.

The entire purpose of the Farmerbot is to maximize your farms’ payout while minimizing the nodes’ energy consumption when the node is not needed. To make sure the minting payout takes into account the Farmerbot running and thus still paying out tokens during this downtime, changes to the minting code were/are necessary.

These changes to the minting code have been implemented, but the DAO vote for this minting code change has not been put live before the changes have been made.

To make sure the minting changes are approved by the community, we would still like to have a DAO vote in place for this.

For this to pass, we would need a positive vote of at least 50% (weighted votes) before 06 July 2023. Anyone with a farm may vote. Please register your vote on the dashboard under ‘DAO’.

Please note that if this vote does not get passed, the minting code will have to be reverted not to take the Farmerbot feature into account.

For more information about the Farmerbot and its’ features, feel free to visit our Manual.

Kind regards,
Sabrina on behalf of the ThreeFold Team