FOSS Git hosting on TFGrid: Can we do it? Is it worth it? [RESOLVED]

FOSS Git hosting on TFGrid: Can we do it? Is it worth it?

Hi ThreeFolders,

I am thinking these days about how we are using Github, which is fine and all, but not open source. I am also checking Gitlab, and other Git hostings and checking the different prices offered.

I was thinking, could TF develop a FOSS Git hosting and host the workloads (e.g. CI/DI tests) on the TFGrid? Not only could we host our own git version, but other projects and users could also join.

Users would sign up with mnemonics instead of email + password, and servers would be hosted on the TFGrid.

There might be limitations to this, or reasons not to do it. I am really just opening up the discussion.

Do you have any thoughts on this?

(Git + API) hosted on the TFGrid = TF Git?

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I would love to have a FOSS Git. That would really support the meaning of FOSS. As a developer github and bitbucket is nearly impossible to avoid.

Do there exist a open source github project that can be deployed on TF Grid or do the software need to be developed first?

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Good question.

From what I understand, there are some FOSS options. See this:

It seems we could host Gitlab on the TFGrid, which is free and open-source.

I am no expert in this field. So I welcome the discussion.

I think this could open up a good market for ThreeFold (hosting Git on TFGrid):

From the same reference as above.

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Gitlab and Gitea are both viable candidates for an open source Github replacement that we can support on the Grid.

This is an example of a case where reliability is a foremost concern, and thus I don’t find it sensible priority for the Grid today. We are well suited towards dev/test workloads though as they are ephemeral.

They fear that Microsoft might get insight into their codebase.

It strikes me as ironic that the proposed solution to this concern is to “self host” a server on AWS or GCS. Maybe they’re thinking of an end to end encrypted solution, but using the same approach within Github would provide basically the same security. Without encryption, it’s just handing the code to Amazon or Google instead of handing it to Microsoft.

We can help with the data security concern since Zos VMs are generally more secure than VMs running in systems with admin access, and encryption at rest for data can help with concerns about physical access to the disks by farmers or anyone else.


Indeed! How ironic. One argument for Github, is that those that use it with only public repos, are already in the public sphere, so they don’t mind Microsoft getting “insight into their codebase”, as it’s already possible for anyone to have insights into their codebase (code is public).

As for reliability, of course this project would need to ensure reliability. Not necessarily a short-term project in terms of feasibility.

How to implement reliable git hosting on TFGrid is such a mighty and worthy challenge then it seems.

Indeed, for public repos on free plans, Github is arguably a nice public service. The devil’s advocate will say it’s actually a loss leader for their paid services or that “you are the product”. Personally I don’t feel angst about the harvesting of my Github usage data in the same way I do about my digital life in general.

For organizations that need paid features, pricing can be a place that the Grid competes as well. A solution that scales capacity as needed could be significantly less expensive than buying a package that includes “up to X minutes” of CI/CD time.

2 Likes also seems to be a nice solution, gitea also integrated CI/CD recently, all worth investigation, but not on dev roadmap for now


Hi guys! Thanks for participating in this discussion.

At ThreeFold, we talk the talk, but we also walk the walk! We started a project using gitea:!!!

We invite members of the community to explore the website. It’s really working in parallel with GitHub as of now, and we will build more and more on the platform.

It’s still git commands, so the Git and Github guide on the manual is as relevant as ever.

There are already some docs on using for mdbook, and more organized content is currently being created.

Will set this discussion as resolved.