Few DIY questions for UK

  1. Is it viable for ROI in the uk as we have just seen a doubling of energy prices caused by brexit, an inter-connector blowing up, ukraine war, pandemic, no reason, or anything they make up.

  2. Most typical uk ISP is non symmetrical service i have 80down 20mbps up service at three sites i can use. How many machines would be possible without hindering normal use ?

  3. If i set a machine up at home does it care if i move it and the ip changes ?

First machines will be dell r720 and a dell tower 5810 to suit the location

Hi @farmerbov, thank you for being here. There is a whole DIY community that will help you with much more specific answers to your questions but in general here’s my thoughts on your issues:

Re 1: the ROI of any farming device at this point in time is multiple times the investment + operational costs, even with doubling electricity costs. And please remember why we are doing this: there needs to be an alternative to the oligopolies that dominate the internet today and it all starts with people waking up and saying “enough is enough”. I am supporting a project that thinks: planet first, people second and profit third.

PS> these internet giants are also hit by higher energy prices. So far only a few articles are in the news but their profitability is under pressure as well.

Re 2: Asymmetrical is not our friend, but it is a reality in certain parts of the world. There is a thread on the forum that discusses this in great detail. For now, there is no measurement/bonus or penalty system for having sub-optimal connectivity. Towards the future, there will be more stringent rules for connectivity to connected devices. So please, setup up your farm and nodes and start contributing to the grid.

Re 3: If I understand your situation correctly you 3node(s) will sit behind a broadband router with 1 public IP, which means the 3nodes will have (internal) private IP addressing and planetary network. Changing location it changing broadband provider does not impact your farming setup, just be careful with downtime (not being connected) that might affect s single farming reward period.