Few clarification questions from beginner (CLOSED)

Hello TFT community.
I’ve been looking at TFT for some time and I’m ready to jump in now. I have just a few questions I hope someone can answer so I can plan my next steps accordingly.

  1. Upgrades. What does user have to do if let’s say new disk has been added to the system. How does this disk will be detected? Would it be simple restart or some reinstallation of OS will be needed?
  2. SSD’s. Is this correct - old style 2,5 inch SSD’s connected with sata are still considered as proper SSD in TFT? NVME drives don’t have any advantage over regular SSD?
  3. Does rewards calculator is accurate? Can I count on those rewards or there is something else that can change rewards payment?
  4. Has someone monitored typical system stress with ZeroOS? What is the typical load? (I want to put my machine in the room where I don’t have electricity so I need to buy adequate wiring. Plus I would love to do some calculations on for my electric bill - in EU this has became a big question now).

Thank you. I’m sure I forgot to add something so I will drop some extra questions later.

  1. Just a reboot.
  2. no advantage
  3. mostly accurate +/- 5%
  4. At this stage your machine will just idle, power draw depends on your hardware.
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Awesome! Thank you for speedy answer.
Does dram on SSD has any impact in TFT ecosystem?

DRAM SSD will have better performance and longer lifespan so it can be better in this regard.

Just to give you an idea of a rack server at full load (question 4.):

Has anyone run stress tests to know the power consumption at heavy load of certain 3nodes?

The community is starting to gather some data on this. As of now, we know that a R720 with 2x2690v2 cpu, 4TB NVME SSE P4510 and 320GB ram will draw 390W @100% load. With 2x2650L v2, it’s around 300W with fans at full speed. More info will be added as we gather more data.

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Thanks @Mik!
This is helpful.

I had a small dilemma for server vs tower build, but Im leaning towards tower because I have to put it at my home and my wife is pretty sensitive for unnecessary sounds. So server is likely out of question and regular PC builds should be more power efficient.

That is a wise decision!

I’d say tower server would have about the same power consumption at full load.
Indeed the fans’ configuration will reduce the noises.

Also to complement the electricity consumption part, say your tower server goes up to 400W at full load, with a 120V,15 A electric circuit, you could have up to 3 servers on the same circuit.

3 x 400 = 1200W --> 3 servers at full load is 1200 W

120 * 15 = 1800W --> this is the actual circuit maximum.
We take the 80% rule --> 1800*0.8 = 1440 --> 1440 W is the max range for safe use.

1440 W > 1200 W --> 3 servers is OK on 120V/15A circuit. You even have V/A left to add a router, modem, etc. (1440 - 1200 = 240 W for other stuff).

Looking at SSDs now, it’s almost makes more sense to buy NVME rather than Sata drives.
Will PCIe expansion card to extra M.2 slots also be accepted solution for TFT build?