Feature request / Issue: Floating pricing


I have launched few nodes, specifically a presearch node (contract ID: 16858) and in the Billing Rate columnt I saw already three diffrent prices.
First question: is it supposed to be changed on the fly when the contract is already deployed?
Second question, if it is correct behaviour, then we need a payment history page where user can see his past payments and see actual average price for each specific node.

Some change in the hourly billing will occur because of billing for NU as you use network bandwidth. The price of the VM in TFT could also change since they are pegged to a USD price, thus it will take more or less TFT to satisfy that amount depending on the market price of TFT.

all that being said its well known feedback that we need to improve how deployment pricing is presented and how people can predict what their deployment will cost/review what it has cost.


Hi, the billing behaviour has changed in grid 3.8. There is an issue created here https://github.com/threefoldtech/grid_weblets/issues/1324 to normalize the billing amount shown on the weblets.

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I have been having troubles with this too. Funny enough also with my presearch nodes. I had 1 which I calculated how much I needed to stake in my wallet to get that 60% discount, which now shows a rate of about 0.162TFT/hr. I did start another one and this one has a much higher rate then my first one. 0.677TFT/hr, even though I have enough TFT to cover both for 36 months at the 0.162 rate (even more).
Today I started another one and I am curious to see what this will be. I have 23k TFT balance, which should be plenty enough to cover all 3 for 36 months at the original 0.162TFT/hr. But I can’t do that with the much higher rate, it’s not even in the same ballpark as other providers.
It’s very unclear what the charges are going to be or were and at what $ value. This makes it difficult to choose Threefold over competitors.
Another problem I have come across is when the node provider stops/deletes the node. At what rate did I get charged then? Is it based on a normal rate because I didn’t run it for 36 months or was the discount already applied? In the last month or so, I had to restart a new contract twice for one of my nodes.
Maybe when someone stakes the amount needed (I would suggest real lock, not just holding it in the wallet) to run a node for a certain period, that node should stay active or the owner gets some penalty.

I hope to see some clarity soon.




Hello @jefke1 I encourage you to participate on this forum post TFT Locked Value During Deployment and this one TF Grid: Billing Discussion