Farming rewards and usage fees of own node

Hi All, I’m considering to buy a 3node but I’m struggling with the personal advantage I can get from buying a 3node. The what’s in it for me question. The sales talk says, “own your own data”, but if I buy my own node for let’s say 1200 euro, I receive a reward for providing this node to the grid. But when I want to put my own data on that node I have to pay for a NextCloud installation. So besides the initial cost of 1200 euro, I have to pay for the usage of my own node. This feels wrong.
Where is the monthly usage fee going to and to what purpose?

Hey @ruudvonfaber! In accordance with the latest GEP, the concept involves earmarking 50% of proof-of-utilization profits for the farmer managing the 3Node, a feature that has not yet been put into effect. For more information on how proof of utilization operates, you can visit this link. We previously discussed the possibility for farmers to deploy on their node without any charges, but the implementation of this requires time. However, version 4.0 with a utilization-based approach will entail similar outcomes. Thank you.

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