Farmerbot Minting Bonus [Closed]

Dear farmers,

As stated in our previous post on Farming Rewards Update, the ThreeFold Foundation has decided to pay the farmers using the Farmerbot a bonus as a token of appreciation for their testing and feedback of the current version of the Farmerbot.

The bonus has been paid today to all Farmers who did not receive a minting payout for November due to their node not booting within 30 minutes after a wake-up request by the Farmerbot. The ThreeFold Foundation has calculated how much the node would have received if it were to have woken up, and has deducted the equivalent of one day of minting rewards for every time the node has failed to boot within 30 minutes after a wake-up request. Please keep in mind that this does mean that some farmers are not eligible for this bonus due to the high number of booting issues on their nodes.

A new version of the Farmerbot is being worked on and will be released soon. The ThreeFold Foundation and other future cooperatives will work on features to give the Farmers more insight into and notifications of their nodes’ behavior.

We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the community for its openness, feedback, understanding, and trust.

Kind regards,
On behalf of the ThreeFold Foundation Team


I’m glad to see this being handled in such a community forward way! I think this and the adjustments being made on the tech side will go a long way to get our momentum back in the right direction with the large farms!


Dear farmers,

A minting bonus for the farmers using Farmerbot in December has been sent. This bonus has the same calculations and requirements as the one that has been sent for the month of November.

Kind regards,
Sabrina Sadik
On behalf of the ThreeFold Foundation