Farmerbot & farming rewards [Resolved]

Just a quick question, if implementing the farmerbot, do you lose the farming rewards while the node is shut down?

No, you get the same amount of tft if the farmerbot is set up correctly.

And the farmerbot is now available on mainnet? because the tutorial still refers to dev and QA…

Yes it is available on main net.

The tutorial will be updated soon.


The Farmerbot is available on main net.

The configs should be the same as other networks, but with main instead of test, etc. in the section Deploying the Farmerbot


Would it be possible to set up a small seperate node that would be used only for the farmerbot? I mean a small fanless computer like the old Threefold Blockchain nodes?
It is less power consuming and could manage the 4 big servers I have in the farm?
But if I understand correctly, it should be set up as a node on the same net and LAN, correct?

You can definitely run the Farmerbot on a small node. It can also be a non-3node computer.
Basically any computer can run the Farmerbot.

You do NOT need the set up the node on the same net and LAN:

“Your farmerbot can be run on any system, including on a node. It doesn’t have to be on the same network subnet as the nodes from the farm. The nodes of the farm on the other hand have to be in the same LAN.”

Can the Farmerbot be the same node that wakes the other nodes?

If you want, you can set your Farmerbot on your farm, in the same LAN as all other nodes, and designate this 3node to be the node that wakes up the other nodes.

Can I run the Farmerbot on my farm?

Though you can run the Farmerbot anywhere you want, it doesn’t have to be on a 3node in your farm.

Does the Farmerbot need to run physically in the farm?

The Farmerbot doesn’t have to run physically in the farm since it instructs nodes over RMB to shut down / power on nodes.

Thanks Mik, so I could use a laptop with Win 10 on it and run docker desktop to install farmerbot?
That would work?

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Yes it should work 100%.