Farmerbot Error

Hi I installed the farmerbot but it is giving me the following errors. Any idea what this could be?

Here is what happens when I try to get the logfile. The information in the log file goes on and on. It didn’t ask my seed file.

You accidentally entered “my farm bot one” as your seed / mnemonic.
Did you use the script to install or configure it manually? Just go over the procedure again and put in your correct seed / mnemonic.

I used the script to install it as Scot showed it. It didn’t ask for the seed phrase when I was running this command. Do I need to reinstall farmerbot?
What seed phrase do i need to use? My polkadot threefold password?

I created another folder and created another farmerbot in that seperate folder with different name. I used my password for TF Chain Wallet this time. It still gave me the following error.

What seed phrase do we use?
Is there a command that would let me change the seed phrase without creating another farmberbot?

Scotts script should overwrite your old configuration. No need to create a new instance of FB

But what phrase do I use?

Created another VM on another system and created another farmerbot. Now it is giving me this error