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Update: Farmerbot Bonus for Minting Violation of the 30-minute Wake-up Rule

Dear farmers,

For the last couple of months, the ThreeFold Foundation has handed out a farmer bonus to some farmers who have used the farmerbot and encountered minting violations concerning the 30-minute wake-up rule. This farmer bonus was a token of appreciation for helping us test this optional feature and giving us the opportunity to improve the farmerbot in the current version.

We are aware of an issue which caused some nodes not to boot within 30 minutes of getting a wake up call by the farmerbot. After investigation, we found no evidence to suggest a bug of any sort within the farmerbot code or the way it works with Zos.

Therefore the ThreeFold Foundation nor TF Tech can be held responsible for the loss of tokens.

It is the responsibility of the ThreeFold Foundation to strive for a high quality grid that is dependable and stable. The sole reason for generating TFT’s is to reward farmers for the usable capacity that is contributing to the ThreeFold Grid. If for whatever reason the capacity is unusable, the node can not be rewarded with TFT’s.

From the next minting period on, there will no longer be a farmerbonus payout. We have a GEP out to change the minting rules so that minting will be slashed for 1 month if the node cannot wake up within 30 minutes twice within the same minting period. Currently the slashing of the minting rewards happens as soon as your node fails to wake up within 30 minutes after the wake up call.

Please keep in mind that the farmerbot is an optional feature that anyone can implement. As a farmer you can decide to keep your nodes online without a farmerbot and guarantee uptime, or you can choose to have your nodes managed by the farmerbot to save on energycost.

The new minting period begins on March 31, 2024 at 22:32:40 UTC. If you want to avoid further risk from using the farmerbot, please remove your nodes from farmerbot management before that time.

As always, we invite everyone to join this open-source project and help us create, improve, and grow.

We would like to thank the community for their continued support and effort.

Kind regards,

On behalf of the ThreeFold Foundation team


Link to the new GEP: GEP - Minting and Farming Rewards Updates (March 2024)

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