Extra server with GPU

Good morning all. I will be honest and admit that the last couple of days has spiked my interest in threefold again. I have had a single Dell server running in my bedroom for the last two years and now im thinking of adding a second. I have just read on here that we can now add a GPU to the server. As i couple of GPU’s laying around i’m now interested in the benefits of adding one to a server. So a few questions if thats ok.

  1. Will the GPU add to my tokens earned every month.
  2. I have read that i can set a fee for using my GPU. Is there a table that would suggest a sensible amount depending on my GPU.
  3. I presume my GPU will increase the electrical costs so will this be included into the calculator.

Thanks in advance

I also have a few GPUs that I want to add. Can I use riser blocks instead of directly connecting the GPU to the PCIe slot? I have leftover GPUs from an Ethereum mining rig.

For info on GPU farming: https://manual.grid.tf/farmers/3node_building/gpu_farming.html


For grid 3.0, farmers do not get direct additional farming rewards for their GPU: they need to set a price and users can then rent the GPU as a dedicated node.

There isn’t a table of amount for a GPU, but in general it would be as the market sees fit.

You can calculate the cost of your GPU and see how much more it adds in terms of costs.

Just add it in the simulator:


I do think it would work. No one tried it yet as far as I know.

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Thank you. Was hoping to get an idea about a fair price if i add my GPU.

Yeah that’s a tough one cause it’s the beginning of GPU.

But you can have something like: try to get a 100% ROI on 6-12 months.

Say it costs you 240$, put a price per month of 40$. In 6 full months of utilization, you’d “paid” for the GPU.

You can play around this notion. I suggest this but it could be any other way.
What do you think?