Explore the ThreeFold Dashboard | Tuesday April 23 2024 @ 7pm CEST

The ThreeFold Dashboard is an important tool for different members of the ThreeFold ecosystem – for farmers looking to manage their nodes and farms or to participate on DAO votes, for grid users who want to deploy on top of ThreeFold’s decentralized autonomous cloud, for those to bridge TFT to or from different token ecosystems, and for anybody looking to gain more information on the ThreeFold Grid.

Next Tuesday at 7pm CEST | 1pm EDT, some of the team will host a discussion / demo session around the dashboard, share its key features, and answer any questions you might have (feel free to ask below). Newcomers and seasoned grid users welcomed!

Since this is a session which will require video, we’ll host this one on Zoom and use the recording as a tutorial for others to watch later. We are exploring holding other upcoming calls in different formats, such as Twitter Spaces.

Edit: The condensed / timestamped recording is below.


Please carefully cover funding the dashboard. It is very confusing on where and what chain these addresses are, probably warrants a github request.


TF Dashboard Potential Subjects

  • Create account/wallet
  • Import existing wallet
    • From old dashboard: re-enter seed phrase
    • From TFConnect app: enter TFChain HEX secret in wallet (i) section
  • Fund wallet
    • Buy on Stellar, ETH, BSC
      • Show addresses
    • Bridge to TFChain
  • Add/Create SSH key
  • Deploy workloads
  • Create farm
  • Check online nodes of a farm
  • Find nodes to deploy on

We edited the recording down and timestamped it for those who missed / would like to view in the future!

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