Error booting a 3Node: "no disks: registration failed"

Error booting a 3Node: “no disks: registration failed”

There can be many different fixes for this error. Here are some troubleshooting tips to test separately:

  • In BIOS, enable AHCI
  • Make sure to wipe the disks of the 3Nodes
  • If the 3Node has a RAID Controller:
    • Disabled the RAID controller, OR;
    • Flash the RAID controller (i.e. crossflashing), OR;
    • Change the controller to a Dell H310 controller (for Dell servers)
  • Try the command badblocks (replace sda with the specific disk). Note that this command will delete all the data on the disk
    • sudo badblocks -svw -b 512 -t 0x00 /dev/sda

If you had this error and fixed it otherwise, please let us know so we can document it!

Feel free to ask questions if you have any problems solving this issue.

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