Economic viability of farming

Hi Everyone, I’m looking for some advice or perhaps sharing of your experience regarding how you are finding the economics of farming. I’m very new to this (only 1 node up for 1 month) so I’m in need of a bit of guidance.

The specs of my server are as follows:
CPU: 32 cores / 64 threads (ThreadRipper)
RAM: 126 GB
SSD: 1 TB (not yet registering but I’ve already been given instructions how to fix this)
HDD: 48 TB
Total cost of this server: $10,000 NZD

The TFTA payment I received for the first month: 294~ TFTA (about $20 NZD)
That might cover the power bill with the machine at idle.

Depreciation on the hardware for the first year alone will be $4000.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide some insight on how this works for your own situation.

Alan Purchase, Auckland, NZ.

Hi Alan,

You only received that small amount of TFTA for the July period as you only had your node live for a few days. In the minting email you got you see the exact amount of seconds you have been online for July. For the August period minting which will be processed soon you will receive TFTA for a full month.

Here you can find all the details on the farming logic:

Hope this helps.



Thanks Andreas, the minting email must have gone to junk and it looks like my junk mail got emptied after that. I’ll check for this month’s one carefully and add to safe senders list.

That link doesn’t work, Andreas. I think this is it:

@Alan, you might also be curious to read my post on the minting process, which attempts to explain the math that’s used in the underlying minting code.

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