Deployment Instructions improvement

Just mentioning a few things I stumbled over along the way when testing Uhuru.

This topic was mentioned a while back on the Github page. Would be nice to get the instructions updated.

Also the “demo” button on the bottom of the page links to instead of

The “Wiki” button also falsely points to

Thanks for raising this. I tried running my own Uhuru deployment a while ago, ran into some trouble, and never got back to it. I’ll update the issue with my current observations.

As for the website, I don’t think it’s meant to be fully functional. Those links are just placeholders.

Update here. I found this issue, which explains what happened here. There’s meant to be a placeholder {{username}} in both places where you would add your own name. However, the system rendering the website is removing it because it’s the same syntax used for templating. I’ve added a note that the issue is ongoing.

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Thank you for looking in to this Scott! :heart: It is an exciting project.