Deployed virtuel machine cost on 3node

Hi Guys

If i deployed a VM on a 3node - Let’s us say an image with 2 cores and 8mb Ram and 100gb.

Would the tft cost per month then be fixed regardless pushing the CPU for max usage or just let the CPU idle?

// Tommy

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Billing is only based on how many cores you reserve, not how much you use them.


If i do some heavy long term cpu calculations would that be fair for the farmer with the current electric prices?

If it is okay, then i have an experiment i want to try to deploy on the grid.

// Tommy

I believe it’s in the interested of all farmers if people start deploying workloads to the grid. The way rewards are currently structured a farmer may not want to receive your workload in order to save a little on the electricity. But IMO this is not something you as a capacity consumer should be worried about at all. None of us can grow if we don’t all work together as a community to get node utilization up.

I don’t know the details of your calculations or how much CPU power you need. I currently only have a single certified Titan 2.1 node up an running (much more in the works). Also no public IP address atm, so you’d have to use the planetary network (which is cheaper anyway. Let me know if you need help with this). On the plus side it runs on 100% physical renewable wind energy from our own production (it is located right next to the wind turbines). It is also connected to a UPS so it won’t turn of when the wind stops blowing.

Since the german government has cut profits for producers of green wind energy (by law for a fixed period of time) we currently effectively cannot sell our energy for more than 11-12 cents per kWh (in this specific scenario). Bad for our wind business, good for farming.

I kindly invite you to get your workload deployed on my node. In the best case scenario I would act a the sales channel for this contract. This way I could get additional rewards by letting you deploy on my machine, while the price for you would stay exactly the same. But I’ll have to check how to do this, as I currently have not yet given this much thought (due to my small capacity on the grid)

Let me know if you’re interested!