Deploy Hummingbot on a Full VM

Hummingbot on a Full VM

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Hummingbot is an open source platform that helps you design, backtest, and deploy fleets of automated crypto trading bots.

In this guide, we go through the basic steps to deploy a Hummingbot instance on a full VM running on the TFGrid.


Deploy a Full VM

We start by deploying a full VM on the ThreeFold Dashboard.

  • On the Threefold Dashboard, go to the full virtual machine deployment page
  • Deploy a full VM (Ubuntu 22.04) with an IPv4 address and at least the minimum specs for Hummingbot
    • IPv4 Address
    • Minimum vcores: 1vcore
    • Minimum MB of RAM: 4096GB
    • Minimum storage: 15GB
  • After deployment, note the VM IPv4 address
  • Connect to the VM via SSH
    • ssh root@VM_IPv4_address

Preparing the VM

We prepare the full to run Hummingbot.

Setting Hummingbot

We clone the Hummingbot repo and start it via Docker.

  • Clone the Hummingbot repository
    git clone
    cd hummingbot
  • Start Hummingbot
    docker compose up -d
  • Attach to instance
    docker attach hummingbot

You should now see the Hummingbot page.


The information to install Hummingbot have been taken directly from their documentation.

For any advanced configurations, you may refer to the Hummingbot documentation.

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