DAO legal status?

I think this might be a good topic to consider or share if you have already.
It is closly related to the topic of iligal content that has a separate discussin. I read an atical that under current low the DAO might be considered as partnership and carry full personal responsability (https://lrz.legal/de/lrz/how-can-a-decentralized-autonomous-organization-dao-be-legally-structured). And if the project is to atract customers that are legal entities a legaly registerd DAO would be able to sign contracts etc. I’m not a lowyer so I can’t contribute anything on the topic unfortunately.

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Thank you for posting the article. We are very keen to move forward and become a fully decentralized movement but have not yet all the details worked out how to do this. We will keep creating and posting new information over the coming weeks.