DAO and Better Documentation Farming Rewards

A lot of updates have been released on our library over the weekend, a good start of the year (-:


we are launching our mainnet 3.0 and as such our first version of the DAO

See more info here:

important remarks

GEP’s will rule the future

A Grid Enhancement Proposal can be done by everyone, voting needs to happen to accept the proposal. Once implemented the validator nodes need to accept the required code change and make sure its in line with the GEP. This allows us to have a community supported and voted process to implement changes to the ThreeFold Grid and TFChain.

TFT USD price used for farming

We realised that a dynamic oracle based TFT/USD price is not good because there are spikes and its too hard to do a reliable price detection which can be verified. Not good for a DAO. Thats why for now we have the TFT price as part of our GEP’s and start at 0.08 (why 0.08 because there is super limited liquidity (at 2 jan 2022, only 7000USD to bring price to USD 0.08, and 9000 to 0.1, so its prob still too low). Every month a GEP will be done to set the new price.

Validator nodes will be introduced in TFGrid 3.1

A new exciting way how to bring governance to the larger TFGrid and its future.
It also allows for many more blockchains to be deployed on top of TFGrid.

See remarks in https://library.threefold.me/info/threefold#/tfgrid/dao_executors_validators

A DAO means collaboration

Please help us by reading in the library, give us updates, feedback, …

Suggest your own changes: https://github.com/threefoldfoundation/info_threefold_pub