Core Grid Focus: Share Your Thoughts!

Hi everyone!

We’re having a great discussion on the TG farmers channel about core grid use cases.

It would be great to have feedback from community members. Let us know if you have suggestions and ideas.

Those suggestions could then inspire other community members to create content and explore different types of workload. We will also be able to create documentation to be published on the ThreeFold Manual.

Core Grid Use Cases

  • Servers for games
  • AI/ML GPU training
  • Blockchain nodes
    • verus
    • Qubic
  • IPFS
  • FOSS Google Colab alternative

I like this initiative. Thanks @Mik and @ParkerS. We can create some nice content out of this once there are some more additions / we have consensus. I would love to hear thoughts on this from some of the team as well. :pray:

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I think running blockchain nodes also could be a core grid use case - I run Verus nodes at the moment (earning staking and makes sure that the verus-ethereum bridge runs completely decentralized )

I am also experimenting with Qubic mining - a upcomming AI platform using CPU’s only.

When i get some spare time i will look more into IPFS as i think it could also be a core grid use case :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestions. I added them to the list.

Btw, for IPFS, there are some guides out there for TF:

  1. Full VM
  2. Micro VM
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