Connecting to VM on TF Grid [Resolved]

Hey Guys

What is the username when connecting to VM on TF Grid?

SSH Username@ip

is it root or?

ssh root@ip is the correct awnser but please note that if you chose IPv4 or IPv6 address you should use it with no problems but if you chose only Planetary Network, in order to establish connection, you have to have you Planetary Network app installed and connected. Otherwise you’ll not be able to connect to that YGG address.

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Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

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Nice answer by @nooba. Thanks!

Also this QnA can add some details:

What is the method to SSH into a 3node on IPv4, IPv6 and the Planetary Network?

To SSH into a 3Node, find the IP address of your Threefold deployment and do the following on your local computer terminal:

  • IPv4
    • ssh root@IPv4_Address_Deployment
  • IPv6 and Planetary Network
    • Linux
      • Using bracket
        • ssh root@[IPv6_Address_Deployment]
    • MAC
      • Using bracket and backslash
        • ssh root@[IPv6_Address_Deployment]

Note that the Planetary Network is on IPv6, and thus IPv6 and Planetary Network share the same method.