Connect to a remote VPS using IPFS

I would like to know if there is a way to access a TF computer via ssh using IPFS.

You can access your running vms file system over ssh with winscp

Can you expand a little more on using ipfs with ssh, what is your end goal?

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I work in Linux. My only aim is to connect to a TF instance, a virtual machine using ipfs.

Hi @manolius148, I did some searching and didn’t find much relating to ssh over ipfs. There is a clue here. I don’t understand ipfs well, but it appears you can stream different kinds of connections over it. The missing bits would be setting up the ipfs node on your grid VM and streaming the traffic back to ssh.

Did you have any other precedents for this is action? That would help to try adapting to the grid.

I realized that maybe you are thinking of the ThreeFold Planetary Network? This is a separate network from IPFS.

You can easily SSH to your VM over Planetary Network. You just need it installed on your local machine. There’s some information about how to do that in the manual. Note that you can ignore the part about opening the firewall to create deployments, this is only necessary when using Terraform or one of the deployment libraries.


Thank you so much. I can connect to the Planetary Network, but anyway the problem with the firewall is not solved, so the machine is unaccessible.

Sure thing. I have reviewed your conversation with the support team as well, and I don’t fully understand the issue with the firewall. You mentioned trying to connect via SSH on port 3000 but not opening port 22 on the firewall. If sshd is configured to listen on port 3000, this should be okay. Can you provide all the steps you took so I can try to reproduce the issue?