Community Call: Questions from the TF Community

Hello ThreeFold Community,

While the team is finalizing a date, and structuring the topics for discussion; for the benefit of the community we’re starting this forum thread to invite questions and feedback that you would like to discuss as part of the next community call.

Please feel free to add your questions to the comments section and we’ll add them to the call agenda.


Go over the new features that have been added.
Any tantalizing funding details.
Thoughts on when new tokenomics will be enacted.
It appears there have been a lot of GitHub commits to freeflow, how is this intertwined with TF?


I would like to hear more about IPFS support - what are the status, could we build a manager or something into playground or dashboard where you easily can list all your NFT’s links and data. A lot of blockchains support nft’s but very few support the storage and management of the NFT’s.

Which projects are active? Any news in this area?

Looking forward to the call :+1:


Great propositions.

I took the opportunity to test IPFS on the TFGrid with a full vm. See this post.

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Same as the above with the addition of;

  • next to the tokenomics question of Nelson; What is the current strategy for vendors? (Both marketing tools as well as a healthy and stable environmnent to build a business on)
  • Updates on the new protocol;
  • Update on creating your own dashboard (to replace the solution provider project);
  • Update on creating your own local grid (with a few clicks from your mobile, as advertised)
  • Update on ventures like OurPhone
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I’d like to add where are the 100 nodes on Africa coming from? Diy? Off the shelf? Vendors?

“I would like to know if there is a schedule for the validator program by now.”

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What’s the current treasury number and what’s on the horizon for further funding sources.

With a bull market beginning to develop into 2024, what is the state of the marketing effort.