Chestersfarm and nodeID 2184: Info Needed

Hi there!,

There is currently an issue with nodeID 2184 (network and ipv4) from chestersfarm, and we would like to discuss with the farmer about the actual farm setup, to help troubleshoot the issue.

The information we need are the following:

  • a detailed description of the internal and external network setup for these nodes like:
    • a simple networking diagram (separation sub/priv + how servers are connected)
    • is there ipv6 SLAAC on the public subnet
    • are the nodes booted in dual nic mode (look at console for ‘DUL: dual’)
    • are all configured public IPs actual free and available to be used on the grid
    • are the servers connected to a private and public subnet via two different NICs
  • a screenshot of node 2184 after a reboot