Australian / New Zealand farmer needed

Dear Community,

I am looking for an Australian / New Zealand farmer that has public IPv4 capacity (or is willing to add IPV4 addresses to existing farms). I have been talking to a cloud service provider that is looking for (small) capacity today for a POC in this area, but has to have public IPv4 access. I see a lot of capacity with Farmer 1618, 1265… but no IPv4 addresses.

It you DM me when you want to support this. (@weynandkuijpers, also on telegram)

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On this note, I think we should put together a voluntary farmer directory.


I like that idea. I have now connected a few farmers (mostly datacenter farmers) to service providers (of wannabees) for them to build a relationship for servicing end users of the service provider. This seems to be needed for some to create trust.

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I don’t think we will have any trouble getting word out to farmers with 10+ nodes to share their info. They all lurk here and want to do whatever is needed to draw usage.


I might have missed it over the Holiday season, but I don’t seem to have had a response to the Australia / New Zealand based farmer. I have a cloud solution provider that is looking for a capacity pool in that area for a customers. Round 2, please make yourself known if you have capacity deployed, for this particular demo / POC it has to be DC based 3nodes… Please :slight_smile: contact me!