Any marketing today?

Seriously guys… it’s after noon on the launch day!

Where is the promised marketing? Where is the communication?

@Sacha @gosam @kristof

Monday 4 May : the launch of our TF Grid 2.0 and short demo
Tuesday 5 May : the values of our TFT & link to simulator
Wednesday 6 May : instructions on how to use 3Bot connect, wallet & the Stellar exchange
basically explain how tokens can be bought
Thursday 7 May : TFGrid SDK install & usage
Friday 8 May : detailed demo session how to deploy and use Kubernetes on the TF Grid**


Did not see any zoom link our promotion yet…

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As a startup scheduled dates and times get delayed and moved around. This is totally understandable.

What is not excusable is the lack of communication when this happens. Transparency without communication is impossible and people are left to assume the worst.

Can you imagine any respected company doing this? But this is how yesterday turned out - yet another missed deadline . None of the scheduled marketing happened and zero communication.

And before anyone says I am trying to make TF look bad. – I am certainly am not. TF is doing this to themselves. Don’t blame others for your mishandling of the situation.

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Threefold team needs some lessons in setting deadlines, no one else set this dates but them.

I have seen they have some great people in the ambassadors group that can maybe help setting more realistic dates.

Anyhow they have made promises that they will deliver something this week, I can’t wait to send it out and share it on social media so we get new investors on the project that will help them scale to deliver on their promises.

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We 100% could have done a better job in communicating the delays earlier this week, and getting back to you here. Point received loud and clear, and I’ll take the blame for that. There is a lot moving, as shared in the ambassador channel. Onward!

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It’s not to blame anyone it’s just something we need to do better at :slight_smile:


@gosam Any news on liquid Sam?

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@TFFarmer we got confirmation from Liquid that integration should be ready for us to launch token listing on the last week of this month. We will announce the exact date throughout this week!

@wimvdb definitely, we’re trying our best. Please bare with us, we’re a small team doing a lot at the moment. But the message is well received, and we will try be more active as from this week.